Halfway House Program

This program is designed to serve men who have recently completed inpatient treatment for chemical dependency.

Recovery Support Program

This program is designed for individuals in early recovery who are not in Community Support or The Link residential programs. The service is similar to Community Support, except the provider must be in addiction recovery.


Hi, I'm Jeff, a recovering alcoholic/addict. The Link didn't just save my life, The Link taught me to embrace life. I will always consider the Link my home.Jeff H.

After many up and down years struggling with alcholism, drug addiction and life's problems, I was in a miserable place. My bottom came when I was arrested, tanked my medical career, and found myself in treatment at Valley Hope. My outlook on life wasn't bright and I felt broken. Almost two years later that misery seems like a far away place. I never knew life could be so good, because when I left Vally Hope, I moved to The Link Halfway House. It's no exaggeration the The Link saved my life and showed me how to live without alcohol. I have become a productive member of the community that I used to be a menace to. I will never forget where my new life started.Ned M.

When I first stepped foot in the Link Halfway House I had no idea what to expect; I had no job, no home, and a new marriage that I was doing a fine job of destroying. I wanted to stop using drugs, but for many years I thought even that was impossible. I certainly did not have hope of regaining the potential I had thrown away so long ago. What I found at the Link was so much more than a way to not use. I was introduced to a new way of life. The staff that greeted me stripped away the feelings of shame and embarrassment I felt for needing help to deal with addiction. I became part of a family, a group of brothers working towards bettering our lives together. I learned I was worthy of living in a clean environment that is not chaos twenty four hours a day. I discovered I could dream again; that I could live, not just survive. I have been involved with the Link Halfway House for over six years now. Some of that time has been as a resident, some as an employee, and now as an alumnus who knows the value in showing up. Even through my struggles, I have always been welcomed at the Link. The Link has allowed me to start following my dreams. I now have a college degree and am currently in school. I have a spectacular job that I never would have thought I could do before going through the Link. I am still married. Perhaps the most important, I have lasting friendships and I learned how to have fun. There are not words to adequately describe the Link or how important it is in my life. I still go there almost every morning for coffee and conversation. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to become part of the band of brothers who have gone through the Link before and after me. I especially feel a deep sense of appreciation for being part of the recovery journey for those men who are not yet here. The Link helps build a foundation for life in recovery that is literally the difference between life and death. Oh yeah, I stopped using drugs too.Tommy N.