Tom Barr Tom Barr
LIMHP, LADC, Executive Director
Tom was raised on a farm in Stanton County and quickly realized that helping people in need was important to him. He has Bachelor's and Master's degrees in counseling and has worked in a variety of residential treatment programs in Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska. In addition to The Link, he also works part time as a Surveyor for CARF, which accredits human service agencies like The Link.

Judy Grashorn Judy Grashorn
BS, Business Manager
Judy has an Associate's Degree in Business Administration and has worked at The Link since 2015. She likes her management position and the relaxed work environment at The Link.

Terry Duffy
LADC, Counselor
Terry has worked in outpatient, short-term and long term residential facilities. He is a husband, father, and grandfather. Terry has also completed a Bachelor's Degree in Human Service counseling at Wayne State College and has been at the Link since May 3rd, 2011.

Rocky Smidt Rocky Smidt
Recovery Support Specialist
Rocky is an Air Force Veteran and has many years of industrial experience in areas such as automotive repair and maintenance. He has been with The Link for over a decade, and loves to help by giving back to The Link's community.

Dave Claussen Dave Claussen
Kitchen Manager
Dave has been working at The Link since 2005. He has many years of restaurant experience and now serves as the Link's Kitchen Manager. Dave joined The Link because he wanted to help people and he also enjoys helping people to get their lives back together.

Michelle Claussen
PLADC, Counselor, QIC
Michelle has a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services Counseling as well as her PLADC license. She has worked at The Link since 2014 after completing her internship. Michelle enjoys her work, and loves to see the little changes and growth in clients.

Ken Klafter
Chemical Dependency Technician
Ken has a Bachelor's Degree in History and has worked in a variety of jobs and career fields. He has been working at The Link since 2014 and loves the job and staff. Ken's favorite thing about his job is seeing residents being rebuilt and to witness miraculous changes occur.

Seth Kimble
Chemical Dependency Technician
Seth has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and has worked at The Link since 2016. While obtaining his volunteer hours for a class, he worked at the Link. Between the peaceful environment and a desire to help others, he became a natural addition to The Link's roster.
Cathy Gall Cathy Gall
RN, Program Manager
Cathy has been a registered nurse since 2000, and now works as the nurse and Program Manager for the Dual Recovery Program. Prior to working at the Link she worked as a mental health nurse for 2 years and also worked at a community hospital for 15 years. She likes that she has the opportunity to help build and manage the Dual Diagnosis Program. Her favorite thing about her job is that she can help people on a daily basis.

Dana Kubo Dana Kubo
Dana has a Master's Degree from Wayne State that covers community addiction, and a Bachelor's Degree involving social work. She's been working in the human service field since 1982. Dana is also PLMHP and PLADC certified.

Courtney Johnson
Residential Tech Supervisor
Courtney has a Bachelor's Degree in Human services and has worked at the DRP since it opened. She has several years of experience in her career field. She decided to work at the DRP because of the good things that she had heard about the Link, and because she has an interest in long term care. Her favorite thing about her job is making schedules and having fun with clients.

Brad Tittel
Resident Technician
Brad has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and is a Certified Peer Support Wellness Specialist. He is also a Recovery Support Specialist and has been in the career field since 2015. Brad has close to 20 years of experience in banking and finance. The calling and desire to help others inspires Brad daily.

Susana Penaflor
Resident Technician
Susana has an Associate's Degree in Criminal Justice and has worked at the DRP since it opened. She loves to help people, and the joy that she gets from working at the DRP is what she loves the most about her job.

Jolene Reeves
Resident Technician
She started in July 2017. She became interested in working in this field after going through her own struggles and wanting to give back. Her favorite part about working with our clients is seeing the growth they show from when the first come in to when they graduate.

John Olson
Resident Technician
John has worked at the Dual Recovery Program Since Early 2018. He is originally from Gothenburg NE and moved to Norfolk after completing the Dual Recovery Program himself. He enjoys sharing his experience, strength, and hope with the residents in the program.

Board of Directors

Dr. Dan Sturgis, President
Martin Grant, Vice President
Trever Jones, Secretary/Treasurer
David Uher, Member
Geri Berg, Member
Shirley Sterns, Member
Patty True, Member